3 Common Mistakes Newbie Coders Must Avoid - Educative Review

3 Common Mistakes Newbie Coders Must Avoid - Educative Review

Let’s be honest, if coders wouldn’t exist, none of us would have been able to experience the marvels of the digital world. Be it our favorite shopping apps or the Netflix and chill vibe, nothing would have been there if these brilliant coders wouldn’t have sat for long hours and laid down the right codes that infuse life into an array of digital platforms.

Speaking about the right coding, this Educative Review shall discuss 3 of the most common coding mistakes beginners do as it is pertinent that newbies understand these small things in the early years of their coding learning so that their foundation is stronger.

So, if you are a newbie coder, who is keen to make your name as big as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Ken Thompson, then stick with us till the end. 

Top 3 Mistakes New Coders Must Avoid

1. Putting repeating codes

This is one of the first lessons every coder must remember, in fact, this is considered a sacred rule in the land of coders- Do not repeat the codes. Repetitive codes or dry codes are not recommended for coders instead it is suggested that coders must learn to use loops and functions. Furthermore, coders can also use a web framework that can help them in reducing repeating codes. 

2. Random variable names 

This one isn’t just for newbies but even for seasoned coders. Name your variables and by this, we don’t mean name them anything but accurate names for the variables as then it would be easier for the coders only to restart working on the project without getting confused or lost because of wrong variable names. 

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